Change Orders Without Headaches

The Commercial Contractor's Guide to Getting Change Orders Processed & Closed Faster.

Commercial Project Teams:
Clearstory helps the commercial construction industry process & close extra work faster. Period. This guide shows how project teams benefit from streamlining their Change Order processes by reducing risk, wasting less time and increasing transparency between all project stakeholders.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand why Change Order speed is critical to project success for all stakeholders

  • Identify the hidden risks of slow T&M workflows and outdated Change Order processes

  • The benefits of communicating  vs "managing" Change Orders

  • A detailed look at how Clearstory is leading the Digital Change Order Revolution



Clearstory's Change Order Platform:

Connect with trade partners outside of your private, internal-facing PM & financial software.

General Contractors: Get real-time visibility into your entire change order ecosystem instead of reconciling weeks later and getting blindsided by budget overruns.

Subcontractors: Get your CORs processed in days, not weeks, meaning better cashflow and less leakage in after-the-fact reconciliation.

Project Owners: Maintain an up-to-date view of out-of-scope work and their cost impacts across your portfolio.

End the Change Order Chaos

Clearstory Streamlines the Change Order Process from Start to Finish


When you use Clearstory

You’re in Really Good Company

From local shops to the ENR top-20, over one thousand Specialty and General Contractors trust Clearstory to communicate costs in real-time so their project teams can focus on what they do best.


Digital T&M Tags Created In-the-Field

Say goodbye to the headaches, delays and surprises that come with tracking field-directed extra work on paper or carbon copy.

  •   Ultra-clear PDF documentation created automatically
  •     Attach photos directly from phone
  •   Collect approvals & signatures in-person or via email
  •   Instantly syncs with home office. No waiting for paper tags

Get your weekends back

Fully-Priced CORs with the Click of a Button

Teams have better things to do than tracking down T&M tags, searching through countless emails chains and manually calculating pricing.

  •   Photos and supporting documentation attached
  •     Audit-approved templates get priced automatically with imported labor & equipment rates
  •   Reviewers can make notes, ask questions and ask for revisions directly on the COR

Ditch the spreadsheets

COR Logs Created & Updated Automatically

The days of spending hours maintaining a spreadsheet Change Order Request Log, only to have it be out-of-date almost immediately, are over. Confidently forecast your project costs with a cloud-based COR log that project team members can access instantly.

  •   Grant access to anyone (even non-Clearstory users)
  •     Up-to-date at all times with no manual entry
  •   Stop relying on out-of-date Excel files
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Stand-alone or integrated

We Make Change Order Communication Simple

Clearstory's mission is to help commercial construction teams process and close Change Order Requests faster - typically reducing time to process by 50% or more.

  •   Replace fragmented email communication and static COR spreadsheets with one organized channel.
  •     Customer's love Clearstory's ease-of-use. Get started in hours, see value in weeks.
  •   Seamlessly integrates with major construction project management & financial tools like Procore, PlanGrid and more.

See enormous value with clearstory

Trusted by Contractors Large & Small

Bill Yaegar

Bill Yaegar

Area Manager
Brand Safway

"Clearstory is more than just Change Order software for us. Bottom line – Clearstory gets Change Orders approved faster."

Nadeen Qaru

Nadeen Qaru

Senior Project Manager
Turner Construction

"On the last day of work, Turner knew the project cost in real-time and did not have to spend extra weeks or months on cost reconciliation."

Ray Gilbert

Ray Gilbert

VP & Area Manager
Raymond Group Drywall

"Clearstory allows us to get our Change Orders processed and billed the same month the work is performed."

Jacob White

Jacob White

Project Manager
Novo Construction

"Requiring Clearstory on our projects from start to finish allows us to stay on top of project costs in near real-time making it much easier to keep our clients up-to-date on project costs."

Kevin Ulrich

Kevin Ulrich

Project Manager
Performance Contracting Group

"We’ve seen a 25% reduction in the time it takes between getting a tag signed and a COR submitted."

Daniel Rodriguez

Daniel Rodriguez

Project Manager
Bay Cities Paving & Grading

"Getting CORs approved determines our margin on every project. With Clearstory, the ability to transparently track CORs in real-time with our customers is invaluable."

See why leading contractors use Clearstory to process and close change orders 90% faster

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