For Construction,
By Construction

Our mission is to make the entire construction industry more efficient by helping teams get extra work processed and closed faster which in turn reduces risk, wastes less time, improves partner relationships, and makes the industry a more fun and inspiring place to work.

Our Story

In 2018, our founder, Cameron Page, reached a breaking point. After studying construction management at Cal Poly and over a decade into his career in commercial construction, the frustration caused by the disorganized and convoluted Change Order process that plagued the industry finally boiled over.

While working for the largest General Contractor in Silicon Valley, at the epicenter of innovation, it was astonishing that managing project Change Order risk still hinged on a series of manual, time-consuming, and paper-based processes ripe for error. Endless hours were spent requesting and organizing disparate Change Order logs from Trade Partners, disseminating countless design changes via email, grappling with the unknown number of triplicate carbon copy T&M Tickets signed by his superintendent, and hunting down Change Order Review correspondence. They had all the industry standard project and financial management software, so why was it nearly impossible to understand their risk exposure in real time? 

This led to the realization of “The Change Order Gap”—the structural gap between all stakeholder's financial systems, where companies struggled to align on what was outstanding.

From this, Clearstory was born. 

Early on, we recognized that to solve the Change Order Gap truly, you need to build a business network architecture software that allows companies to share Change Orders between companies. This way, all stakeholders, regardless of size, company type, or internal financial software, could use Clearstory to communicate upstream and downstream and solve the Change Order Gap together.

We’re Just Getting Started

  • 2018 Launched mid 2018, first paying customers
  • 2019 Re-architected platform with business network architecture
  • 2020 Landed first ENR Top 10 Specialty Contractor Customer, launched Procore integration
  • 2021 Seed round funding, launched Change Order Review Page, ~$90m Change Orders per month
  • 2022 Series A funding, opened Walnut Creek Office, launched Sage and CMiC integrations
  • 2023 50 Employees, acquired DataStreet, rebranded company to Clearstory (FKA Extracker), launched HCSS and Vista integrations ~$500m Change Orders per month

Our Values

Be Curious

We value the power of curiosity and make it a point to ask questions, display genuine interest, and cultivate a learning mindset. At Clearstory, we seek to understand before being understood. We acknowledge that we don't have all the answers and dig in when things aren’t clear.
Be Curious

Customer Obsession

We build relationships with our customers, look to solve problems and deliver a great customer experience. We are a partner.
Customer Obsession

Keep it simple

Limit the number of details, and make every detail perfect. We relentlessly steer clear of complexity in our product, how we operate, and how we communicate. Simplicity isn’t easy. We embrace the challenge to uncomplicate complex things.
Keep it simple

Raise the Bar

Pursuing high performance and ambitious goals is our jam. We take risks, count wins, and learn humbly from our mistakes. Extreme ownership is our mantra, and we understand that time is of the essence as we look to move the construction industry forward.
Raise the Bar

Leadership Team

Cameron Page

Founder & CEO

Tom Maiaroto


Alex Bakula-Davis

VP of Customer Success

Chris Tzortzis,

VP of Sales

Jim Lesko

VP of Engineering

Phil Bernard

Director of Product

Our Investors

Clearstory is backed by leading enterprise application and construction technology investors. These distinguished backers include Cloud Apps Capital Partners, Building Ventures, and Jackson Square Ventures, all of whom have a proven track record of recognizing growth potential and nurturing great outcomes with innovative businesses.