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A construction software company built by construction professionals.

Our mission is to help make the construction industry more efficient by using technology to better communicate project costs between companies.

We're hiring!

Come join us in revolutionizing the time and material tag and change order request communication process for the commercial construction industry.

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Meet the team

cameron page Clearstory profile
Cameron Page
Founder & CEO

Cameron earned a Construction Management degree at Cal Poly SLO before working nearly 10 years at one of the nation's largest design-build GCs. Seeing the need for better Change Order communication, he hatched the idea for Clearstory.

Tom Maiaroto (1)-1
Tom Maiaroto

Tom brings 17+ years of software and startup experience to Clearstory's team. Want to learn more about the technology stack we use at Clearstory?

Hit up Tom!

Steve Klei
Steve Klei

Steven brings 25 years of financial and executive experience as both operating CFO and, more recently, a Board member. He's been an operating CFO for five companies and a part-time or interim CFO for several others. Currently, he's an Active Board member for four companies and on the Board of Advisors for two others.

Chris Tzortzis Extracker Profile
Chris Tzortzis
VP of Sales

Chris brings 27 years of sales leadership experience from SMBs to Fortune 10 Enterprises, and across all global markets. He has several family members in the commercial building industry and is passionate about the ability for technology to solve challenges that impede great projects, and provide universal benefit for all parties.

Alex Bakula-Davis
VP of Customer Success

Alex is a passionate leader in the customer success space. He hand-crafts rollout and success plans for Clearstory customers of all sizes. Subscribe to his CS newsletter here!

Jim Lesko-1
Jim Lesko
VP of Engineering

Jim is an accomplished engineering leader with extensive experience in SaaS and network model companies. Over the last 20+ years, Jim has channeled his passion for creating online SaaS solutions for various industries, including Supply Chain Logistics, Online Education, and Revenue Cycle Management.

Greg Seldon-1
Greg Seldon
Director of Sales

Greg ran procurement for Clark Construction’s West Coast division. After seeing Clearstory in action solving long-standing challenges, he joined the team to spread its reach across the industry.

roberta jester Clearstory profile
Roberta Jester
Nima Haghbin-1
Nima Haghbin
Account Manager

Nima first encountered Clearstory when he used it at Marinship Paving & Grading. Realizing Clearstory accomplished in 5 minutes what normally took 3-5 hours, he had to join the team!

TJ Maglione-1
TJ Maglione
Account Executive

As a former Superintendent and PM at Clark Construction, TJ figures he signed 10,000 T&M Tags. If you are wondering if a super will sign a digital T&M Tag, TJ is the guy to ask!

Ryan Law
Senior Software Engineer

Before becoming a kick-ass Clearstory software engineer, Ryan worked at Fischer Construction and XL Construction. Ryan and Cameron met through The Society for Construction Solutions and the rest was history!

Chris Raush-1
Chris Rauch
Software Engineer

A former architect, Chris quickly transformed his drafting skills to become a react and node.js wizard.

Brian Davis Headshot
Brian Davis
Senior Software Engineer
Behind that epic beard resides a veteran with more than 18 years of experience in software development.  Brian has worked across energy, industrial, and financial sectors and enjoys creating elegant, intuitive and performant solutions.
Jeff Charron Extracker Profile
Jeffrey Charron
Sales Executive

Jeff brings 10+ years of electrical experience to the sales team and is an advisor and investor in several construction technology companies. His experiences with COR's led him to want to find a better solution for the industry. He has the best Zoom background and most guitars at Clearstory.

Tyler Marcum
Customer Success Manager

Tyler is an Air Force Veteran who previously worked  as a VDC Project Engineer with Clark Construction. His experience in the field and with Virtual Design Construction gave him a first-hand look into how new construction technologies like Clearstory are saving teams time and money.

Shawn Therrien
Senior Software Engineer

Father of twins, Army veteran with 20 years experience in software engineering with experience in media, energy and financial technologies. He likes solving complex problems with technology and is looking to make a difference in commercial construction.

Cory Chambers
Senior Software Engineer

Cory is a passionate Mobile Application Developer with more than 8 years experience in Application Development and Software Engineering. He is excited to help construction companies out in the field by taking the mobile app to the next level.

Petar Petrov
Quality Assurance Team Lead

Software Quality Assurance Engineer, with over 16 years of experience, import from Eastern Europe. Originally from Bulgaria. Hopped a few times between USA and EU, but finally settled in Houston TX. Moved through the Telecommunications, Fraud Detection, IPTV, Oil & Gas and Reliability Assessment industries, and now Construction. 

Pat Chevalier
Account Executive

Pat brings 10 years of construction experience and has been part of the Change Order process as a GC, SC, and Owner/Developer. Dubbed "The Change Order Guru" in a previous role, when Pat saw Clearstory's tool for the first time, he immediately quit his job and joined the team on their mission to help the entire construction industry benefit from it's supercharged workflows.

Alec Kazanjian
Account Executive

Alec brings 4 years of experience in consulting companies on how to effectively and efficiently take their data collection digital. After seeing the inefficiencies around the Extra Work and Change Order process, Alec made the move to Clearstory to help streamline this workflow and push construction into the 21st century.

Advisors & Board Members

bob spinner jsv extracker profile
Bob Spinner
Founding Partner at JSV
Board Member

Bob is a founding partner and managing director of Jackson Square Ventures. Prior to becoming a venture capitalist, Bob was an early employee at three startups with increased responsibility from Sales Director to CEO. While at JSV, Bob has focused on cloud applications, security and big data.

Chris Perkins
Chris Perkins
Retired PWC Vice Chairman

During his 38 year career, Chris has worked with Boards and Audit Committees of Fortune 500 companies and served some of PWC's largest global clients across multiple markets and industry sectors including an emphasis in Energy, Financial Services, and Technology.

Chris_Golec_profile (1)
Chris Golec
Founder of DemandBase

Chris has built three successful technology businesses in the last 20 years. As Founder of Demandbase, Chris set out to transform B2B advertising, marketing and sales through innovations in digital technology. Prior to starting Demandbase, Chris founded Supplybase to help global manufacturers collaborate with their supply chain to bring new products to market.

steve dellorto linkedin
Steve Dell'Orto
Former SVP Clark Construction

Across his career in the construction industry, Steve has earned a reputation for driving transformational growth by building high-performing teams, establishing infrastructure, and driving business strategies that fuel corporate expansion, profit-margin increases, and market leadership.

Steve now advises general contractors, owners, developers, asset investors, VC funds, and PE firms to help drive growth and ROI.

What we care about makes us who we are.

Hard Work

The construction industry is built on hard work. It’s in our DNA, too. Clearstory is committed to doing whatever it takes to deliver the best possible product, making your hard work more rewarding.


Construction is a diverse industry where companies of all types come together to get projects done. We are committed to making our software simple, friendly and easy to use for everyone of those stakeholders.


We believe it’s best to do one thing really, really well. You don’t build an entire building with one tool; you choose the right tool for each task. Clearstory is committed and focused on organizing, tracking and simplifying out-of-contract work better than anyone.

Customers First

Our team understands that Clearstory’s commitment is to grow our business through satisfied customers. That’s
what makes us proud.

A Note From Our Founder


I want to personally thank you for visiting our site. Clearstory was purpose-built for the construction industry based on boots-on-the-ground, real-world industry experience. While our industry builds amazing things, there’s significant room for improvement. 

I’ve worked in the construction industry since I was 17, starting as an apprentice carpenter then continuing on to earn a Construction Management degree from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Before founding Clearstory, I spent nearly 10 years at one of the largest design-build General Contractors in the U.S., where I managed everything from small, fast- paced TIs to multi-million-dollar ground-up projects. The biggest challenge I encountered was how our industry collectively communicates out-of-contract work (Change Orders) between project stakeholders. Beyond the time-consuming, inefficiency of the process itself, I saw tempers flare, projects run over budget and companies lose money. Lots of it.

Over the years of receiving thousands of illegible Time & Material Tags, delinquent Change Orders and summary logs that simply didn’t add up, I recognized our industry lacked the proper tools to effectively share and communicate out-of-contract costs. That’s why I created Clearstory.

It’s a solution that doesn’t require AI, BlockChain or Big Data, but instead provides an easy-to-use set of cloud-based tools to streamline and organize the process consistently across the industry. It’s a cloud-based mobile platform that enables Subcontractors, GCs and Owners to effectively and efficiently communicate extra work. 

We give subcontractors the tools to eliminate paper, email and excel from the Change Order and T&M Process, drastically increasing the speed and clarity in which project costs are recognized and collected from the field.  With Clearstory, subcontractors get their Change Orders processed and paid faster. 

We give General Contractors a shared digital Change Order log where they can confidently login and see their complete cost exposure, in real-time, from all subcontractors. With Clearstory, GCs save thousands of hours in administrative time and significantly reduce the risk of budget overruns due to poor Change Order management. 

And ultimately, we give Owners the peace of mind that their project costs are being tracked in real time, reducing the risk of surprise overruns and giving them the ability to make informed, value-based decisions. 

I believe in the Clearstory solution because I’ve lived the problems that led to its creation.

Perhaps the best part is that our basic platform is completely free. Please reach out to our team to schedule a call to learn more!


Cameron Page