Know Every Cost Impact in Real Time

Stay on top of pricing exercises by distributing design changes, tracking Subcontractor responses and comparing forecasted cost impacts to actuals with Clearstory Change Notifications.

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Understand cost impacts as fast as possible.

Distribute design changes and track responses

Have a new bulletin or addendum that needs to be priced by your Subcontractors? Send a Change Notification to your Subcontractors with the attached files, set a deadline and ensure that each has responded.


Enforce pricing deadlines

Clearstory makes communicating and enforcing pricing deadlines a breeze by showing which Subs were sent the changes and who has viewed the files. Easily send email reminders with just one click to any Sub who hasn’t responded.

Forecast costs impacts and compare to actuals

Enter an estimate for each Subcontractor and compare actual costs as they are submitted in real time. Quickly identify when changes are going over budget and notify your client.


More ways Clearstory makes Change Notifications simple

  • See all your Change Notifications by status in one view

  • Track and forecast estimated vs. actual costs in real time

  • See which Subcontractors have opened the email and downloaded the files

  • Select all Subcontractors or only the ones affected by the change

  • Ensure Subcontractors use the correct reference number (PCO, PCI, CE, etc.)

  • Subcontractors can respond with one click marking ‘No Cost Impact’ or by uploading and creating a COR

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“The Change Notification feature is easily one of my favorites. I previously had to rely on email to share design updates, pricing documents and deadlines, which resulted in mile-long email threads. Clearstory eliminates that confusion.”

Pablo Azcona
Project Engineer
Blach Construction

Track extra work perfectly. Every time.

Collaborative Change Order Log

Track, review, mark-up, version control and more with Change Orders in real time among project stakeholders.

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Digital Time and Material Tags

Ditch the carbon copy and track field-directed extra work with the Clearstory field app keeping all parties updated in real-time.

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Change Order Request Templates

Create clean and instant Change Order Requests with our structured templates to create consistency across your company and your trade partners.

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Connect Clearstory with your existing tools using our real-time integrations into ERP, accounting, project management and cloud storage solutions.

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Join 1,000+ contractors who get change orders processed and closed faster.

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Still have questions? We’ve got answers.

What is a Change Notification?

Change Notifications are the easiest way to distribute design changes to your Subcontractors and confirm if there are cost impacts.

How much training is required for my Subcontractors?

Zero. When you send a Change Notification in Clearstory, we send an email to each of your Subcontractors. This gives them details, including the deadline, a link to the files and a step-by-step guide on how to respond. It is ridiculously easy.

How can I get this set up?

Simply create a project in Clearstory, invite your Subcontractors and you can send Change Notifications instantly.

What if my GC wants to add review comments or rubber stamp?

Change Notifications are part of the General Contractor annual license. Request a demo today to learn more.

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