Speed Up Approval Time with COR Templates

Protect revenue and prevent delays by submitting clean, professional, and error-free Change Order Requests that only take a few minutes to package and share with your customers.

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Get Change Order Requests out the door faster

Create CORs in minutes (not hours)

Create complete Change Order Requests in minutes with pre-populated labor, material and equipment rates, and preset markup rates by project or across your whole company.


Eliminate double data entry

Instantly convert a Time & Material Tag into a Change Order Request with the click of a button. Eliminate scanning a paper Tag, manually transcribing the quantities, PDFing the COR, drafting an email and updating your COR log.

Standardize with a consistent format

Having a clean, consistent format for Change Order Requests is one of the easiest ways GCs can save time asessing, reviewing, and ultimately approving CORs.

Subcontractors who adopt Change Order Templates build trust with their customers and see dramatic improvements in approval times.


Import your labor, material, and equipment rates

Import your rates into company wide groups or manage them directly on a single project. Instantly create T&M Tags and CORs by selecting rates from a drop-down menu to ensure accuracy.

More ways Clearstory makes Change Order Requests simple

  • Preset labor, material and equipment rates for auto-populating

  • Customize markup, tax, insurance and other rates

  • Save and store rates by group and apply or edit on specific projects

  • Drag and drop to attach backup documentation and sort with ease

  • Send your customer a single PDF package so no documents get lost

  • Never have an email bounce back due to file size limits

  • Resend Change Order Requests with the click of a button

  • Submit revisions and easily access all versions of the same COR

  • Convert Clearstory T&M Tags into CORs with the click of a button

  • Add consistency across all your project teams

  • View who has opened your COR email and how many times


“Clearstory is a valuable tool in streamlining our Change Orders. Now processing, sharing, and tracking Change Orders with our customers has never been easier.”

Jill Lee
Concord Iron Works

Track extra work perfectly. Every time.

Collaborative Change Order Log

Track, review, mark-up, version control and more with Change Orders in real-time among project stake-holders.

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Change Notifications

Distribute design or scope changes to all stakeholders, set pricing deadlines and track review and correspondence in one spot.

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Digital Time and Material Tags

Ditch the carbon copy and track field-directed extra work with the Clearstory field app keeping all parties updated in real time.

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Connect Clearstory with your existing tools using our real-time integrations into ERP, accounting, project management and cloud storage solutions.

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Join 1,000+ contractors who get change orders processed and closed faster.

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Still have questions? We’ve got answers.

Why should I use a Change Order Request Template?

Using Clearstory COR templates not only reduces countless hours of administrative time, but it also structures your COR data for powerful reporting purposes.

Can I customize my COR rates per project?

Yes, with Clearstory you can import from Excel into company-wide and default rate groups that can be applied to any project. If you have a custom negotiated rate, you can import or edit it directly on the project level.

Can I create lump sum CORs?

Yes, with Clearstory you can create a COR with a full breakdown of labor, material and equipment; create a lump sum COR with a single fixed price; or upload a COR PDF that you created outside Clearstory.

Can I customize the mark up rates?

Yes, you can edit the rates directly when you create a COR or customize them across the project. You can have one single markup or mark up individual line items, such as equipment.

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