Take Control of Your Change Orders

Clearstory helps Owners, Construction Managers, and Developers standardize Change Order documentation and communication on single projects and full project portfolios.

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Solutions for Project Owners

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Real-Time Alignment

Track and resolve Change Orders transparently in a shared, cloud-based log that updates automatically with every Change Order Request.

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Pricing Exercises

Distribute design changes, set deadlines, capture cost impacts, and track responses and Change Order documentation as it happens.

Collaborative Review Tools

Supercharge your review process with practical review and markup tools. Add comments and mark CORs approved, rejected, or revise and resubmit.

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Project & Company-Wide Data

Proactively identify risk across your entire portfolio with analytics, insights, and more. Leverage our API to connect historical and real-time data to your internal dashboards.

Paperless T&M Projects

Eliminate errors, disputes, and surprise costs triggered by carbon copy T&M tickets. Capture field-directed work with crystal clear documentation and real-time costs.

Accelerate Approvals and Close-Outs

Use the Clearstory Days Aging report to identify projects and portions of scope where Change Orders are sitting unapproved or need attention.

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Benefits & Results

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Improved Economics

65% less time spent reviewing CORs

  • Focus on the value-add task of reviewing up-to-date Change Orders rather than hunting down documentation.
  • Avoid burnout and spend less time on frustrating, back-and-forth document exchange.
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Reduced Risk

31% reduction in days aging

  • Proactively mitigate Change Order risk for your projects.
  • Collaborate with project teams to make value-based decisions knowing the full cost picture.
  • Eliminate disputes before they happen.
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Data & Trend Insights

100% data visibility and trend capture

  • Understand Change Order costs by category across your portfolio.
  • Understand which contractors send the most CORs.
  • Filter Change Orders by project, contractor, status, and more.
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User Experience

Standardize process and workflow

  • Standardize COR communication between with General Contractors and Trade Partners.
  • Empower your teams to leverage technology
  • Deploy on new or active projects in minutes

Here’s why leading Owners and Developers trust the only Change Order Communication Platform

Real-time, always updated
Change Order Log

Have your General Contractor upload their owner Change Order Requests into Clearstory's collaborative cloud-based log. In Clearstory, you can set status, add review notes, see the full cost exposure at a glance and keep a complete paper trail.


Audit ready COR forms

Make COR review a breeze with clear and standardized COR forms.
Ensure Subcontractor CORs are clearly broken out by labor, material, and equipment showing quantities and approved rates.

T&M Tags that don't suck

Tired of reviewing T&M Tags from weeks or months in
the past that are hard to read or don't make sense? Have
your contractors use Clearstory's mobile app for all T&M
Tag and instantly have a clean and professional T&M Tag
ready for your General Contractors review.


Still have questions? We’ve got answers.

How do Owners benefit from Clearstory?

Owners can use Clearstory's cloud-based COR log to see and review all outstanding Owner Change Order Requests in real-time. Simply invite your GC and have them upload the current CORs. In addition, you can have your GC require all Clearstory COR and T&M Tag documentation with the project Subcontractors.

How do I get started?

That’s the best part! You can sign up, create and project and invite your contractors in minutes. Simply create a free account and get going today!

Do you offer a free pilot period?

Yes! Schedule a demo with our sales team and we can set you upwith a free, full-access pilot to try out all of the Clearstory software features on any current project.

How does the pricing work?

We offer some basic features for free and can provide an annual license to unlock the software for your GCs and Subcontractors.

Join the wave of General Contractors eliminating Change Order risk
with Clearstory.

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