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Order Tool for
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Effortlessly receive, track, review and resolve all of your Subcontractor Change Order and T&M Tag documentation in one place – eliminating the bottlenecks and headaches associated with out-of-scope work.

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Close Change Orders Faster
by Eliminating:

Paper T&M Tags

Eliminate hand-written carbon copy T&M Tickets and gain instant visibility into every signed or outstanding T&M Tag for all trade partners on all projects.

Confusing COR Logs

Never request or exchange static Change Order Logs back and forth again. When your subcontractors upload or create a COR in Clearstory, the shared log is automatically updated.

End-of-Project Surprises

Say goodbye to end of project surprises by tracking changes in real-time with easy Change Notifications. Distribute design changes and set deadlines for cost impacts.

Bad COR Documentation

Have your subcontractors use Clearstory's standard, audit-ready COR templates. Review, mark-up, and comment directly on Change Orders in real-time.

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Automate & Streamline Your Change Order Process

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Real-Time Visibility Across All Projects

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Speed Up Change Order Review

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Effortless COR and T&M Log Generation

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Real-Time & Historical Data Insights

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Days Aging Reporting Across All Projects

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Create Better Customer Relationships

Here’s why leading GCs trust the industry’s only Change Order Communication Tool

Eliminate Change Order risk
from your inbox

Confidently forecast project costs knowing you have accounted for each Subcontractor’s COR with a real-time, cloud-based COR log. Message subs directly in Clearstory to keep an accurate paper trail of all communication and revisions. Quickly sort with custom labels, and export to Excel or PDF in two clicks.


Stay on top of field-directed
extra work

Eliminate the headaches from tracking extra work with carbon copy T&M Tickets. Require your subcontractors to use our ridiculously easy mobile apps for iOS and Android, and have all work instantly recorded in our cloud-based T&M Log.

Notify and track cost
impacts in real time

Have a design change? Send it to your trade partners with Clearstory's Change Notification feature and track who received it and who responded with a cost impact. Stay on top of pricing deadlines and keep your customer up-to-date in real-time.


Review CORs without
downloading anything

Clearstory provides a true end-to-end Change Order review process. Effortlessly annotate change order request PDF documents sent between companies with our time-saving, built-in markup editor.

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“When it comes to ROI, we want to make sure technology is adding day-to-day value by driving efficiency, project predictability, and transparency with clients. And I think Clearstory does all three of those things.”
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“Trades with any level of sophistication recognize the benefits quickly, and after using Clearstory just once and seeing how easy it is, they've completely bought in. It's turned out to support all of our needs from a ticketing standpoint.”
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"On the last day of work, Turner knew the project cost in real-time and did not have to spend extra weeks or months on cost reconciliation."
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"By mandating Clearstory across all of our projects, we have eliminated the inefficiency and risk in forecasting and collecting our subcontractor change orders.”
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"I never have to go on the hunt for information anymore. Clearstory offers real-time access to all of our Change Orders. All of the information is there, whenever I need it!"
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Still have questions? We’ve got answers.

Will My Trade Partners use Clearstory?

Clearstory is purpose-built to eliminate risk for both GCs and subs by providing an all-in-one Change Order solution that safeguards revenue and eliminates error-prone, insanely manual tasks for trade partners, helping them to get paid faster on out-of-contract work.

Doesn’t my job costing or accounting software do this?

Clearstory is not a replacement for your internal job costing or accounting software. Through our API and existing integrations we connect with your internal software to supercharge the manual workflows that still happen outside those systems.

Do you offer a free pilot period?

Yes! Schedule a demo with our sales team and we can set you upwith a free, full-access pilot to try out all of the Clearstory software features on any current project.

Can I put Clearstory to work on a current project?

Yes. Clearstory has a proven track record of solving Change Order and T&M Ticket chaos on existing projects. Plus, our bulk upload feature can get you up and running in minutes, not days.

Join the wave of General Contractors eliminating Change Order risk
with Clearstory.

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