Get Change Orders Processed & Closed Faster.

Clearstory’s powerful integration with HCSS provides HCSS users the ability to instantly convert a time card into a T&M Ticket in Clearstory with the click of a button.


Convert HeavyJob Items into T&M Tags.

Clearstory’s integration with HCSS creates a seamless way to instantly push HeavyJob Time Card items to Clearstory digital T&M Tags. Capture electronic signatures, share digital T&M and COR Logs with customers to align on out-of-contract work and automatically convert T&M Tags to priced CORs.

Benefits of
Clearstory + HCSS

Group 142

Automate T&M Ticket Creation

Eliminate data entry and effortlessly capture T&M Ticket signatures.

Group 142

Protect Revenue-at-Risk

Ensure all time card items marked T&M are signed and accounted for.

Group 142

Accelerate Cashflows

Speed T&M Ticket and COR approvals by up to 65%.

To learn how to connect Clearstory with HCSS and how to push CORs to Change Events, visit our Knowledge Base.

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