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Effortlessly sync Change Order data across all stakeholders and platforms 

Clearstory's simple yet powerful integration with Procore gives all stakeholders a streamlined view of Change Order Requests and Time and Material Tags shared between parties and allows them to be effortlessly pushed into Procore Change Events.


Benefits of Clearstory + Procore

  • Ensure forecast is up-to-date                 
    • By pushing sent or received CORs from Clearstory into Procore, users can tell exactly which CORs are included in their Procore financials and which ones have not yet been forecasted. This insight instantly highlights whether or not financial forecasts done in Procore actually contain all of the COR exposure that has been sent or received.
  • Eliminate manual data entry
    • Organize and manage Change Order communication through Clearstory's collaborative COR Log and effortlessly push to Procore Change Events with Clearstory COR information
  • Instantly navigate between programs
    • Easily jump into the Procore Change Event from a link inside Clearstory, so you can quickly access the right information every time
  • Filter views based on project or status
    • Search for all CORs that have either been assigned or not assigned to Procore to see which CORs have not yet been forecasted


To learn how to connect Clearstory with Procore and how to push CORs to Change Events, visit our Knowledge Base

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