WEBINAR: How to Reduce Change Order Risk for All Stakeholders

Clearstory Founder and CEO Cameron Page and Kamran Akbarzadeh from Project Control Academy sit down to discuss how Change Order Communication Tools like Clearstory are bridging The Change Order Gap: the gap between project and financial management systems in construction that force dependency on outdated, marginal, manual workarounds.



Webinar Contents 

  • How Clearstory can reduce risk for General Contractors and Specialty Contractors
  • How Clearstory effortlessly captures Change Order Risk and works with different systems of record like CMiC, Procore, HCSS, Sage and others
  • The three key work streams that cover all Change Order Risk
  • How digital T&M Tags eliminate surprises and headaches
Thanks for checking out the webinar and if you have any questions about the feature or how to get up and running with Clearstory, get started by scheduling a live software demo.