The Clearstory team sat down with Olivia Russell at Shaw & Sons Concrete Contractors to discuss how our Clearstory helps her team. Read on to learn how using Clearstory resulted in a streamlined process and major time savings for Shaw & Sons.

What was your extra work process before Clearstory?

First, field staff filled out a standard carbon copy field ticket and had the General Contractor review and sign it. Then, field staff brought the form to the office. I reviewed field tickets, entered data on an Excel spreadsheet with pricing, then bundled the Excel workbook, field tickets, invoices & photo backup data as a PDF to send to the client for approval.

What challenges did you face with your old process?

The biggest challenge was the length of time it took to process change orders in entirety from the initial field ticket write up to submitting the final PDF to the client. The amount of files needed to create one change order was excessive. We used Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, photos, and PDFs.


olivia russell

"Clearstory saves me at least 5 hours per week handling and processing field tickets and change orders!"

Olivia Russell
Project Engineer at Shaw & Sons

How easy was the Clearstory roll out our field and office staff?

Many of our field employees understand the need to adapt to using technology and how it can save time. Since implementing Clearstory, our foremen are seeing the benefit of not having to manually write field tickets, take photos, then print or text them to the office. The mobile app is very intuitive and easy to use.

"All the foremen that have switched over to Clearstory are loving it."

Project Managers in the office also understand how much easier it is to have all pricing information and the capability to provide pricing breakdowns in one application instead of using several documents.

What specific results have you seen by using Clearstory?

The field staff is able to professionally document extra work with ease and the office now has instant visibility into what has been sent and signed. With new COVID guidelines, the foremen are not coming to the office as much as they did before, and Clearstory eliminates that need.

Do you have any specific data around ROI you can share?

My personal time gathering field tickets, organizing backup, pricing, and bundling change orders has been reduced significantly! Everything is pretty much all in one spot and can be submitted to the client within the same week the tag is signed. Clearstory saves me at least 5 hours per week handling and processing field tickets and change orders!

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