Modernizing the Change Order Process

Tracking Change Orders in real-time adds value for Accurate Firestop’s GC customers by eliminating surprises. Rather than batch their Change Orders, GCs are able to see the cost impacts of extra work performed instantly. 

Accurate Firestop Eliminates Change Order Headaches

This leading Specialty Contractor has seen huge benefits, both internally and with customers, since using Clearstory's digital T&M Tags and real-time COR Log.

We sat down with Accurate Firestop to hear how implementing Clearstory decreased the company’s Change Order processing time. Here are the highlights:

  • Reduction in lost T&M revenue by 66%
  • Improved cash flow due to faster approvals
  • Reduction in days aging for outstanding change orders
  • Faster Change Order processing by 80%

About Accurate Firestop

Accurate Firestop has been a leading firestop and insulation subcontractor in Northern California for 25 years. While working with top General Contractors, they’ve helped deliver landmark projects such as the Salesforce Tower and Golden 1 Center.

We sat down with Gabrielle Lucatero, General Manager, Rafael Ramirez, Project Executive, and Jacob Acosta, Project Engineer, to learn how Clearstory has improved Change Order communication.

Change Order Challenges

Prior to using Clearstory, Accurate Firestop estimates that they were losing up to 30% of T&M revenue due to an inefficient paper and Excel process. In one example, Jacob recounted how several paper Tags flew out of a Foreman’s truck! This error cost them thousands of dollars because they had no way to go back and document the work they performed.

Another challenge they faced was submitting CORs to their GCs in a timely manner. Paper/carbon copy T&M Tags would accumulate for weeks or months before submitting Change Orders, which resulted in slower approvals and a potential negative impact for customers.



Our GCs love the real-time COR Logs and have requested that we use Clearstory on other projects.”

Gabrielle Lucatero

General Manager, Accurate Firestop

Enter Clearstory

Ready for a new solution, Accurate Firestop introduced Clearstory as their Change Order Communication tool to streamline
their process and improve the Extra Work experience for their field employees, their GCs, and Owners. They’ve realized improvements
in multiple stages of their Change Order workflow, from T&M Tag creation to approval to payment.

Project Spotlight: Faster Payment

On a project for a large technology company in Silicon Valley, where Trubeck acted as General Contractor, Accurate Firestop was required to submit detailed documentation that included before and after photos for corrective work. Clearstory made it easy to attach photos directly to their T&M Tags and submit them each day. “We got approved and paid for all of the work very quickly because the owner could clearly see what they were paying for,” recalled Jacob. “It’s like night and day how much faster we got paid.”

Drastic Reduction in Write-Offs from T&M Work

Accurate Firestop’s paper T&M Tag process created several opportunities for error. Tags would easily get lost or rejected due to poor documentation. Switching to digital T&M Tags eliminated the risk of Tags getting lost and it made providing proper documentation much easier on the field staff. “Clearstory has helped a lot with eliminating lost or misplaced Tickets. It’s easy for our field staff to document their work at the end of the day before they leave. It’s become second nature,” said Jacob. Gabrielle agreed, “After introducing Clearstory, our T&M write-offs were reduced by about 66%.”

Faster Processing Results in Faster Approvals and Reduced Days Aging

Clearstory's Change Order Communication tool standardizes the documentation process, which leads to faster approvals. They estimate that processing time is reduced by 80% by eliminating the delay in transporting paper Tickets to the office; it’s now done right in the app. Field users are happy with automated workflows, and it has improved documentation, resulting in an easier approval process for customers. “Clearstory is way more efficient. The Tags we fill out in the field and send directly to the customer in Clearstory get approved almost immediately,” Jacob noted., “I wake up every morning to signed Tags from the day before ready to be instantly processed in CORs.”

Better documentation and faster approvals ultimately resulted in a 31% reduction in days aging for outstanding Change Orders, improving cash flow for Accurate Firestop.

Added Value for GC Customers

Tracking Change Orders in real-time adds value for Accurate Firestop’s GC customers by eliminating surprises. Rather than batch their Change Orders, GCs are able to see the cost impacts of extra work performed instantly. “Our GC customers can easily see where the project stands,” stated Jacob.

Clearstory's digital T&M Tags and COR Logs also save time for GCs by reducing back-and- forth revisions due to better communication and documentation. “I’m seeing a lot fewer comments and revisions in our change orders, which makes them easier for GCs to approve,” Gabrielle commented.

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