About Battaglia

Battaglia Electric, Inc. is an industry leader in electrical, low voltage, and technology solutions located in Delaware. Established in 1981, they offer construction, maintenance, and project upgrade services, focusing on safety, quality, and industry best practices. 

Like a lot of big Specialty Contractors, Battaglia Electric had trouble tracking and managing CORs to make sure everyone was on the same page across different project divisions. The company relied on traditional paper-based systems, often resulting in delays, miscommunication, and lost revenue. Seeking a solution to streamline their COR process and improve overall efficiency, they turned to Clearstory.


Modernizing Methods with Clearstory 

Battaglia Electric integrated Clearstory into its workflow with the goal of ditching antiquated paper-based processes and improving communication among project teams. "We made a strategic move to integrate Clearstory into our workflow," explains Scott Hibbard, Senior Project Manager. "Although there were initial concerns and reservations about adopting new technology, we provided training and support to emphasize the time-saving benefits and streamlined operations Clearstory brings, which brought every team member fully onboard and ready to embrace positive change."

Clearstory implementation brought major workflow and efficiency improvements to Battaglia Electric by:

Boosting Efficiency: Clearstory's Lump Sum Change Order feature streamlined the overall COR process for Battaglia, eliminating the need for manual, error-prone typing and paper-based documentation and allowing forepersons to quickly draft work orders and obtain digital signatures — significantly reducing delays and the burden of time-consuming paperwork. 



"With Clearstory, we've totally streamlined the Change Order process, getting rid of all that manual typing and paperwork hassle."

Scott Hibbard

Senior Project Manager, Battaglia Electric

Saving Time: Battaglia Electric saved substantial time by digitizing the COR process. The cumbersome task of tracking down superintendents and waiting for approvals was eliminated, and the process became swift and efficient, with signed work orders received within minutes rather than days. In fact, the time saved amounted to more than a day per project, catalyzing increased productivity and faster completion.

Enhancing Communication and Documentation: Clearstory provided a single shared platform for tracking and logging project details. All relevant information, including work orders, signatures, and project progress, was ready and searchable in real time — improving communication and collaboration among Battaglia project teams, accounting, and management. The comprehensive documentation also helped avoid disputes and discrepancies, ensuring full transparency and accountability.

Streamlining Revenue Management: "Clearstory's incredible ability to generate detailed reports and track Change Order status has been a game changer for us at Battaglia Electric," says Hibbard. "We've seen a remarkable decrease in revenue leakage thanks to the elimination of manual follow-ups.”

With clear evidence of work order submission and approval, Clearstory has helped Battaglia streamline processes and ensure prompt payment for completed work; leading to better operational efficiency and increased financial stability.

Battaglia Electric's clients, particularly a school district they collaborated with, praised the adoption of Clearstory. The school district appreciated the simplicity and convenience Clearstory brought to the approval process, particularly the user friendly interface and the easy review and signing of work orders, which improved overall client satisfaction. 


Battaglia Electric Charges Ahead with Clearstory

Clearstory's successful transformation of Battaglia’s Change Order workflow has set the stage for continued growth, increased productivity, and enhanced customer relationships at Battaglia Electric. Committed to continuous education and training for its employees—and ensuring they effectively utilize Clearstory—Battaglia has ambitious plans to explore additional features and functionalities of the software, aiming to further optimize its project management processes.


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