About Bundren

Formed in 1984 in Houston, Texas, L.D. Bundren Painting provides quality finishes to the commercial construction industry. Counting projects like Reliant Stadium, NASA, high-rise condominiums, churches, and cancer treatment facilities like M.D. Anderson, their work has played a significant role in shaping the city's landscape. We recently sat down with President Craig Bundren to discuss how Clearstory helped them streamline their Change Order process through our Change Order Communication Tool.  


The Change Order Challenge 

Change Orders and out-of-scope work directed by their General Contractors (commonly due to trade damage and paint touch-up) make up a significant portion of Bundren’s revenue, which means an effective Change Order process is crucial for protecting their revenue and maintaining cash flow. However, relying on outdated tools like carbon copy T&M Tags and Excel spreadsheets was inefficient and introduced a significant risk.

Bundren's teams spent extensive administrative hours each week tracking Extra Work and inadequately documented or lost T&M Tags, ultimately negatively impacting the company's bottom line.



"We rely on effective communication to keep our cash flow steady, especially when it comes to Change Orders and out-of-scope work. Unfortunately, outdated tools like carbon copy T&M Tags and Excel spreadsheets put us at risk of losing vital information."

Craig Bundren

President, Bundren

Enter Clearstory

Bundren Painting recently implemented Clearstory’s cloud-based solution to streamline their Change Order process with customers by tracking extra work and submitting CORs in real-time, and paving the way for improved GC relationships.


Tangible Results & Time Savings

With the fast and easy implementation of Clearstory, Bundren Painting gained a comprehensive solution to streamline its Change Order process. The company bid farewell to manual collection and transportation of paper T&M Tags from the field to the office, a time-consuming and error-prone process. Instead, Clearstory enabled their field teams to create T&M Tags directly within the  cloud-based platform. Automated workflows within Clearstory seamlessly converted these Tags into Change Orders, leveraging automatic pricing data.  As a result, Bundren Painting experienced a remarkable 90% reduction in Change Order processing time—slashing it from weeks to just days. Within a year of using Clearstory, Bundren Painting documented over 16,000 extra work hours performed and completed 400 T&M Tags. By leveraging Clearstory, they saved approximately 334 hours that would have otherwise been spent on administrative tasks. Clearstory's real-time capabilities and automated workflows significantly boosted productivity and efficiency, allowing Bundren Painting to focus on its core business operations.


Enhanced GC Relationships 

Clearstory's digital T&M Tags strengthened Bundren Painting's relationships with GC customers. The Tags provide clear and consistent documentation, minimizing the need for time-consuming revisions and expediting the approval process. Real-time COR Logs at the click of a button eliminate the need for monthly updates. Thus, Bundren Painting and its GC customers maintain constant alignment, fostering trust, collaboration, and transparency. 


A Streamlined Workflow and Exceptional Results

Bundren Painting's implementation of Clearstory transformed its Change Order process and introduced a more efficient and collaborative workflow. Eliminating manual processes and leveraging Clearstory's capabilities significantly reduced processing time, improving profitability and cash flow. Clearstory's Digital T&M Tags and real-time COR Logs strengthened Bundren Painting's relationships with GC customers, enhancing communication, reducing revisions, and increasing customer satisfaction. Today, Bundren Painting continues to rely on Clearstory as a vital tool for protecting revenue, improving efficiency, and delivering exceptional painting services.


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